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Offering high quality, legal advice and support in misdemeanor and felony criminal cases, as well as specializing in such CA Diversion Programs as Mental Health Diversion, Drug Diversion, and Military or Veterans Diversion.

If You or a Loved One Are in Trouble, We May Be Able to Help.

At Loflin Law Offices, we believe in rehabilitation and reintegration. We believe in not only protecting the interests of society, but also the Constitutional rights of the accused. That’s one reason that in addition to criminal law, we specialize in California Diversion Programs, such as Mental Health Diversion (Penal Code 1001.36), Drug Diversion (Penal Code 1000), and Military or Veterans Diversion (Penal Code 1001.81). Under these programs, eligible defendants who successfully complete a program may avoid jail time, have their charges dismissed, and subject records sealed! 

Providing Strategic Legal Solutions With a Compassionate Approach

Criminal Law

With a strategic legal plan, compassion, and support, we can help protect your Constitutional rights and fight your misdemeanor or felony cases with strategic solutions. 

California Diversion Program

Specializing in such CA Diversion Programs as Mental Health, Drug, and Veterans Diversion – we may be able to help you avoid jail time, have your charges dropped, & records sealed!

Legal Blog

Knowledge is Power and our legal blog is designed to give you the power to confidently protect your Constitutional rights and uncover options when facing legal issues.

About Loflin Law Offices, APC
The Loflin Law Offices, APC, founded by Jennifer R. Loflin, is a California-based criminal defense firm, located in Riverside County. We believe in the importance of protecting all individual’s Constitutional rights – and their highest liberty, their freedom. Accordingly, not only do we bring empathy and compassion in our representation, but we bring an array of years of experience, legal strategies, and proven success to help clients with their legal matters.
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