Areas of Practice

Criminal Defense

A criminal defense attorney deals with the issues surrounding an arrest, a criminal investigation, criminal charges, sentencing, and post-trial issues such as violations of probation/parole or sentencing modification, and expungements. Loflin Law Offices handles both misdemeanor and felony criminal cases including but not limited to the following types of charges: 

  • DUIs and other charges involving a vehicle
  • Domestic violence
  • Drug possession, transportation and sales
  • Assault and/or battery
  • Weapons
  • Vandalism
  • Theft and robbery
Mental Health Court

Mental health courts (MHC) are a form of collaborative court that provides specific services and treatment to defendants dealing with mental illness. Mental health courts provide an alternative to the traditional court system by providing a problem-solving model and connecting defendants to a variety of rehabilitative services and support networks. Loflin Law Offices, APC is familiar with and regularly works to assist clients with a history of diagnosed mental illness with their criminal cases to be able to receive treatment and probation as an alternative to traditional incarceration.

Mental Health Diversion – Penal Code Section 1001.36

California Penal Code Section 1001.36 allows some people with mental disorders to receive treatment when they are charged with a crime.  If the defendant successfully completes diversion, the criminal charges will be dismissed.  The record of arrest will also be sealed as if the arrest had never happened. Diversion can be extremely beneficial to qualifying defendants who meet the requirements under section 1001.36.